Building your DevRel dream team

Let's take a look into knowing the key elements required to make a "DevRel dream team".


  • Understanding the key roles of DevRel team

  • What each and every key role does

  • One of them is the facilitator

  • Community managers and organizers are often involved in outreach and community events alongside evangelists, both online and offline.

  • Evangelists are involved in the community events, however, they need to be very familiar with the product being the first point of contact for new developers and businesses.

  • They (evangelists) also are responsible for getting back to the community with answers from the product teams.

  • Developer educators, or facilitators end up working mostly online and behind the scenes for the event, offline interactions and technical workshops are their forte'.

  • Seeing how to structure the DevRel teams as well as knowing how each role fits into core pillars of developer relations is important.

  • Building a team around those ⬆️ helps in setting the right metrics for each team.


Key roles of DevRel team

  • The Evangelist

  • The Facilitator/ Educator

  • The Organiser

  • Those ⬆️ key elements will make sure you have the right mix to pull off great DevRel adventures.

  • If you are starting out as the sole DevRel, then you might need to fill that very spot yourself.

  • Once you are expanding, you will have to find out great people to fill in your weak spots.


  • Person who will stand on the stage and preach to the thousands of developers.

  • Attends various conferences and meetups to share info about the product

  • Collecting feedbacks

  • Showing off the killer presentation with a pinch of memes


  • Provides the support/acts as a backbone for developers

    • Documentation

    • Quick start guides

  • Running technical training events

  • Speaking at workshops

  • Helps in making complex topics digestible


  • Community folks who bring developers together

  • Fuel to the community

  • Helps in maintaining peace and prosperity in the community

  • Making sure any issues raised are sorted out ASAP

  • Having the right mix of people always helps brings a balance to the team

  • Leads to kinds of activities that the developer relations often participates in

    • Outreach

    • Community

    • Product

    • Education and Support

The real key to building a great team is finding people who understand one another. It might go too far to say that this is the golden ratio of building the ultimate dev rel team but it’s a place to start.

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