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Using community to drive growth

How you drive business growth with Community and why you need a Go-to-Community strategy, not just Go-to-Market.


  • Organizations realizing the importance of go-to-community rather than go-to-market for driving business growth.
  • Understanding the existing metrics from go-to-market.
  • Explaining how metrics for go-to-community has more impact on the community than go-to-market.
  • Sharing your story is a must when trying to grow.
  • Treat communities are ongoing research and development function.
  • Leverage community members and advocates to do the marketing for you!
  • Marketing does help you grow, but only up to a certain point, every organization depends on the community to drive growth from there.


  • Making opportunities where no one loses knowledge — everyone gains knowledge.
  • Language itself can create a sense of hostility in some ways — and something that we should really take seriously.
  • Expanding the term 'developer' opens up more opportunities for all.
  • In order to get Go-To-Community integrated into the culture, you need to explain the metrics of community in terms of the known and functioning Go-To-Market strategy.
  • Tracking sentiment among developers — how did developers feel about the product and how did this influence the company strategy as a whole?
  • Community + DevRel =. how you listen to your people!
  • Market side vs Community side: Old way of thinking -- Better Culture: Synthesis of Market and Community.
  • Sharing stories is one of the most important things we can do as community builders.
  • The community team is in ways an R+D function
"I dont think there is developer market, there is a developer community, and we need a community team to reach that"
  • DevRel, Community, Marketing = all diff teams...or is DevRel & community manager = same team.
  • Let the community do the marketing for you.

Potential of having a great community

  • Product growth
  • R&D
  • Marketing!

If adoption is a future success — how can you tap into the future of your org. through Go To Community.

  • Marketing will help you grow, but there will be a ceiling to that growth. If you want to grow beyond that, you will need community. The scale possible with the community can never be possible with marketing.
  • Marketing is not community building
"Stories we share are tools for driving change" - Sam Ramji