Here is the list of different talks we've covered so far. This repository will be regularly updated with more content so make sure to check it out again!

Developer Experience

Listen to Laura Cowen as she goes around talking about how she developed a community and DevRel culture in IBM making the organisation understand the needs and expectations of the developers.

Jamie Wittenberg talks about great ways you can incorporate to make your documentation better and more accessible to new developers.

Community Management

Joe Nash, who has done an excellent job at building student communities, talks about how and why you should targeting students, making them an invaluable asset for your organisation in the long term.


Christiano Betta talks about the importance of creating different tools and collecting metrics, especially for startups helping them grow more with a small team!

Brandon West from Amazon AWS talks about how to manage a distributed developer relations team, especially where each person on the team tends to travel a lot.