Here is the list of different talks we've covered so far. This repository will be regularly updated with more content so make sure to check it out again!

Developer Experience

Listen to Laura Cowen as she goes around talking about how she developed a community and DevRel culture in IBM making the organisation understand the needs and expectations of the developers.

Jamie Wittenberg talks about great ways you can incorporate to make your documentation better and more accessible to new developers.

Explaining your role and function comes with the territory of working in this space, but why is that? It’s tricky to define, describe what developer relations is, and why it even exists?

Mike Stowe takes a look at the Hierarchy of Developer Needs, and how you can use it to balance your efforts and ensure your users are successful.

Developer Evangelism

How do you give a technical keynote that is exciting, informative, and runs smoothly?

Community Management

Joe Nash, who has done an excellent job at building student communities, talks about how and why you should targeting students, making them an invaluable asset for your organisation in the long term.

Let's take a dive into learning what flywheels are and how to make them, eventually using them to build better communities.

Developer relations and community management often look like two sides of the same coin, but taking a step back it becomes clear that they are distinct yet related.

Managing Developer Relations

Christiano Betta talks about the importance of creating different tools and collecting metrics, especially for startups helping them grow more with a small team!

Brandon West from Amazon AWS talks about how to manage a distributed developer relations team, especially where each person on the team tends to travel a lot.

How do you know whether moving into developer relations or DevRel is right for you?

Whenever it has come asking as to "what is the main role of DevRel team"? The answer-- "It totally depends", which definitely raises more doubt in the mind of the person asking it.

What's the ROI -- the metrics to measure them -- explaining it to an employee. With DevRel Qualified Leads you first set your own metrics that truly reflect the value of the work that you do.

Scribble from Mary Thengvall's amazing blog "The DevRel Path To Success: Awareness, Enablement, Engagement", which talks about what are the key elements of a developer relations team.

How does one move up in their organization as a DevRel? What does that "up" even look like if it even exists! Let's take notes from Chris Noring who is a Developer Advocate at Microsoft.

Take a look at the life of a developer advocate working at facebook's open-source team, taking a dive into a few tips, tips to be a great advocate and what does it take to be an advocate.

To devise a DevRel strategy, one must understand their company's needs and the tactics that can be used to meet them. Let's take a look at the four pillars to understand all of this in a better way.

Let's take a look into knowing the key elements required to make a "DevRel dream team".