What are Scribbles?

DevRel Scribbles is a collection of notes from different DevRel Talks, Podcasts or anything that covers the best practices around DevRel. This can be exceptionally useful for someone trying to find out a specific topic, a specific thing they might have heard at a conference or just exploring different talks and do not have the time to listen to it wholly. Just read the notes and you're good to go on most parts!

As one of the initiatives in DevRel Page, we thought it might be helpful to have different DevRel Talks documented in one place, sharing the notes, which have been extremely useful for us learning best practices to the core.

As this repository grows, we will have a curated list of DevRel talks, segmented in different groups. Using the great search features of GitBook one can easily find out the best practices related to a specific field within minutes, skim through the notes and know what might be the best thing to do for a specific case!

For eg.: Someone is making a student community plan and looking for some best practices around it, they'll go and enter the things they're looking for in the search and a talk by Joe Nash that covered it all mostly appears! Combining multiple talks, their notes and just reading the summary will save so much time for folks here.

Our aim is to keep this repository open source and free to use for anyone in the community. The support and contributions here would be the thing driving it forward. Let us know if you're willing to help!

Looking to submit a DevRel Talk/ Podcast to be covered here?

Reach out to @yashovardhan directly or submit an issue! Questions/ Comments/ Feedbacks are always appreciated!

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